Friday, September 05, 2008

What am I doing here?

It's 3:55 am. Why am I at the computer? The 5 month old sitting in my lap, banging on the keyboard, is why. She woke up and won't go back to sleep. She is trying to bite my fingers too. She has two small, sharp teeth now and is attempting to use them on my hands.

I was hoping for more answers by now on this upcoming change, but I don't have any more yet. I wish we could get some answers so that I could begin making plans one way or the other. I hate waiting.

One change coming is I have been asked to accept a new calling at church. I did accept it, but after this week, I might not be able to do it. Apparently, the Bishop approved me with one condition, that my children not accompany to the various meetings. This was all ok because Hubby said he would watch kids and support me, but now....

We might be moving. That is what I'm waiting on finding out. If we are, Hubby won't be around to watch kids so I can take on the new calling. So, I'm going to have to talk to Bishop tomorrow (or later today since it is now 4:01 in the morning) and see if he wants me to do this or not. If things go like they are most likely to, Hubby will leave for new job by the end of this month and I will stay behind to sell the house.

(Sarcasm) On the lighter side, (end sarcasm) we are expecting Tropical Storm Hannah to hit tonight and all day tomorrow. We are ready, but it is messing with my weekend plans.

It is now 4:05, Peanut is sitting on the floor with her toys. Why oh why is she SO wide awake?

BTW, I do eat carrots. They are the only veggie I like... And as for the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings stuff, I'm working on selling that too, but can you believe it, no one wants to buy it! (Sarcasm font again) I can't imagine why.


Benteti5 said...

They really do need a sarcasm font, I'd totally use it. I forgot you ate carrots. So are you moving to CO, NM, any of your favorite picks? I guess you won't know for a bit. I hate the waiting too. I thought it was just a military hang-up, guess not.

Lena Baron said...

We look forward to hearing how things go!

I think babies think sleeping is way over rated. I have a squirmy one on my lap at the moment too... Crazy!