Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh the rejection!

I've always wanted to publish a writing. I want to write and have my work accepted by someone and publish it. I don't know that I write well enough for that, but it is my dream.

So, several months ago I decided to write a short story and send it into a magazine. I really didn't expect it to get accepted, it was after all, it was my first time to send anything in. They said it would be 12 weeks before I would hear anything. Well, 8 weeks passed and today I got my first rejection notice.

Sigh, it's sad. I didn't expect it to happen, but it is still kind of hard to receive.


Martie said...

Man! Sorry! I'll bet you were starting to wonder after they took so long. Hey, don't quit trying!


Linnea said...

I'm with Martie--keep trying!!

SLC said...

Molly, I just read an interview in a magazine that this new author, who is expected to be a bestseller, had his book rejected 117 times before someone took it. So keep on trying - you're a great storyteller!