Monday, March 30, 2009

what are plates for?

Some days I wonder why do I bother serving food on plates? It ends up all over the table and floor no matter how I serve it. Maybe I'll just put the food right onto the table and some right onto the floor for the little rug rat. Then I won't have to do dishes anymore!

Because of my floor type (concrete tiles) I got a shop vac for cleaning the floor. It is great! What is even better is that I can use it on the table. Quick cleaning!


SLC said...

The shop vac is a great idea! And about the plates - I can't help you there. I guess we give them to our kids to use so that one day, when they CAN keep their food and crumbs in one central location, they will know what plates are. "Hey mom! Over at Billy's house, they use these weird flat things to put their food on." Yeah, not good.

Lena Baron said...

OHHH That was a good Laugh! Thanks!!:)