Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you've done any Girl Scouts in the 20 or so years, you know what a SWAPS is. They are little crafts that girls make and then swap with each other. These SWAPS usually end up on hats or bandanas. They are cute and a fun way to meet other girls at large scout gatherings.

My neice is a Daisy Scout and she recently participated in a swap of SWAPS. I thought this might be a fun thing to do with my 5 year old daughter. She has really been into making crafts lately and I thought I would show her how to branch out beyond crayons, paper and tape.

I got a few items, craft foam, pom poms, and eyes. I got out the glue gun, used only by myself, of course, scissors and other crafting supplies. The we got started. I discovered a few things while making these SWAPS. Because of their size, they aren't the best crafts for small children. I had great fun making SWAPS and my daughter sat with me telling me where to put things, but unable to do them herself. So, I got out some large beads and ribbon. She made a pretty bead bracelet while I made SWAPS. Anyway, we had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of our SWAPS.

Catapillars and a frog. Daughter made the catapillars and I did the frog. So fun!

Next are turtles. Daughter really wanted to make turtles for whatever reason. They turned out really cute.

Flip flop SWAPS. This is fitting for several reasons. We lived in Hawaii years ago. Flip flops are the official footwear of Hawaii. I never did fit in while we lived there. I hate wearing flip flops, or slippers, as they are called in Hawaii. Also, my daughter has loved wearing shoes since before she could walk. Plus, these are just so cute!


Linnea said...

You are so creative!!

Nicole said...

how awesome! I always had to make SWAPs- I was never too good at them, mostly for the lack of creativity...hahaha- soon your little one can join scouts- maybe this school year? wont that be cool! cant wait for mine to join up!