Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm a terrible artist when it comes to drawing and painting. I've never been good. It's funny, when I get the paint or draw, I always draw the same scene and I have drawn that scene since I was quite young. It is a picture of mountains, a stream and pine trees. It is my favorite picture and if I could, I would be in the mountains, near a stream, surrounded by pine trees.

So, last week when my kids were painting, I painted too. I pained my scene. The next day, my 5 year old daughter almost replicated my picture. Can you tell which is mine and which is hers?


SLC said...

That is so funny! I feel the same way with Claire.

Lena Baron said...

Jakob says that they are beautiful!:) Exact words: "Who did those? ... Oh, are they putting them in the mail for me?" Cute!