Monday, February 01, 2010

Change is constant

There is always change going on.

Some change I embrace.
Some change I do my best to run from.
Some change is so small I don't really notice.
Some change takes time for me to appreciate.
Some change is for the better.
Some change is for the worse.

Over all, I like change. Usually I like it better, however, when I have some control over it. Don't we all? Some times it seems that things never change, and I guess for some things, that is true.

Why the thoughts on change? No reason. Right now in life, things are pretty consistent, and I like that too. I know that we have to get up and do certain things, my kids have homework every evening, my one year old is going to make some kind of mess each day, there is always more laundry to fold. Constant.

Do I know that change is coming? Of course! If change never occured, life would be very dull. Do I know what change is coming and when? Nope. For now, things are good and I'm not looking for change.

Is this getting quite dull and monotonous? Yes

Time for a change! (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

I've been enjoying the public library's audio book collection lately. I found a series I've been loving. There are many books in the series. Unfortunately, the library only carries about 8-10 of the books on CD. I've listen to them all (except one and it's checked out). What am I going to do? I might have to start reading again.

The audio books are fabulous for riding in the car, or for putting in the CD player at home to listen to while I weave. It's been great fun.

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