Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great idea!

I had the greatest idea during the night!

I need to get a grocery cart for my house! My entire house is tiled floor. I could just push my cart around the house, picking up things, putting them in the basket, taking them to different rooms and dropping them off.

It would be great for laundry! Just think how easy it would be to throw all the clothes from the dryer into the basket, and after folding them all, I could load it all back into the basket to take them to the different rooms.

Bringing in the groceries from the van would be so easy! I could do it all in one trip. That would be especially nice on those days I go to Sam's Club.

I could even fit Peanut into the basket and push her around the house with me while I do stuff.
I think that would be FANTASTIC! Now, where can I buy a grocery cart?


Seth and Valen Baron said...

You should ask your favorite grocery store how much they'd charge for one!

Lena Baron said...

Brilliant! Seriously!!!

Lena Baron said...

Just put a bike lock on it when it's not in use!