Tuesday, February 09, 2010

continuing the dream theme

I have, over the last few years, dreamt of a house. I can say right now, I've never been in this house, but I dream about the same one over and over. It's an interesting house and I like it, but it's always messy. (No need to wonder where the idea of a messy house comes from. lol) I wish I was an artist so I could draw this house and it's rooms, but I'm not. Instead it lives on in my mind.

In the latest house dream, there was a huge pond behind the house that a second or third story window over looked. The pond was amazing. It was a perfect aqua blue, like a thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park. My pond wasn't thermal. It had an eerie feeling, but it was absolutely gorgeous! Certainly a beautiful sight to admire from a second or third story window.

In other news, Peanut had a wonderful week last week. She was just a sweet, wonderful, curious little girl. She made her share of messes, but there wasn't much fighting or screaming. Yesterday she was back to her normal ways. Oh well, the sweetness was nice while it lasted.

Over the weekend, Peanut became enchanted with Hannah Montana, or "Tanna Tanna" as Peanut calls it. I'm not sure why. Is it because the show is about girls and girl stuff? Is it the way they wear cute clothes? Is it the physical almost slap-stick humor? I can't figure out what attracts her so to a show that is meant for older girls. She actually doesn't watch much of the show, but she likes to have it on and when the show ends (we have a few episodes on DVD) she calls out for Tanna Tanna to be turned back on and knowing how to run the DVD player, she will usually turn it back on herself. I don't understand, but it's funny and super cute to hear her say "Tanna Tanna."

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