Monday, February 15, 2010

Goings on

I've had no odd dreams lately. You are spared my strange dream theme.

The kids are off from school today, so there is lots of playing, mess making, and it is noisy! I'm glad they are happy.

Hubby's home today because he is sick. No fun for him, but Peanut loves having daddy around. He is holding her through her morning nap, giving me time to work on projects. I'm getting ready to weave! I've got some beautiful thread and I can't wait to use it. I've got my warping board out and I'll be threading the loom today. I hope by tomorrow morning, I'll be able to start weaving.

My sweet little Peanut has turned into a TV addict. She loves to watch her DVDs. We recently acquired a Blue's Clues on DVD from a thrift shop. She loves Blue's Clues. When she is done watching one show (which could happen anytime during the course of a movie) she switches discs and starts up a new one. We might start with Blue's Clues, and move to Angelina Ballerina, then we go to Baby Einstein, back to Blue's Clues, then Tom and Jerry and on and on until I put it all to a stop. I've had to take a bunch of movies and hide them. If I were to let her, she and my youngest son would watch movies all day long. We will be having a lot of movie-free time this week.

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