Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dream update

Last night I dreamt about being in a craft store, looking for yarn to weave. (Not unusual, I've been researching yard online) but then an armadillo wandered into the store!

What does an armadillo mean in dreams?

I wonder what dreams are in store for me tonight??


Lena Baron said...


To see an armadillo in your dream, represents your need to establish certain boundaries. You may be putting up walls between you and the people who want to know you better. Alternatively, it indicates codependency. You need to be more assertive and no let other step all over you.

So interesting huh? I jump on this sight every now and then for kicks after a crazy dream. Hope you have good dreams tomight!:)

ML said...

Ahhh, thanks Lena. I had no idea that an armadillo would mean ANYTHING in a dream.

Well, I do often put up walls and am afraid to try to get to know people, positive that there is no way they would want to know me.
Hubby keeps telling me I need to be assertive and he is right.

Not sure why that popped into the dream though, I'm not currently dealing with those issues right now. Well, if that armadillo shows up again, I'll know I need to do something.

ML said...

Also, I figured that armadillo meant I was going back to Texas soon.