Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The almost 2 year old

Peanut will be 2 one month from today. Problem is, she is already 2, or acting like it. During the last couple of weeks she has started throwing major tantrums about anything and everything. Horrible screeching, throwing herself to the ground, kicking legs, and if you try to hold her during one of those tantrums, she will hit you in the face.

This isn't unexpected. As a highly emotional child, I only expect the grandest of performances from her. I think I would be disappointed if her tantrums were little weak things. Still, it makes for difficult times with her.

She wakes up each day and within 5 minutes, she is throwing her first tantrum. It is usually because she wants Daddy to hold her and he has to get dressed for work. The tantrums go on all day long at whatever injustice she sees. Mom won't let her watch Blues Clues for the 3rd time in a hour, she throws a tantrum. Brother is playing with a toy she wants, she throws a tantrum.

The worst of them is the midnight tantrums. She will be sleeping and just wake up for no reason, angry and crying and throwing a tantrum. She hits and kicks and cries and is inconsolable. We don't like the midnight tantrums.

I'm hoping it's a phase. I'm really hoping it's a phase.


Lena Baron said...

I hopes it's a quick passing phase for you!!!!

Martie said...

I. HATE. TANTRUMS. I am a meanie when it comes to them, too. I stick the offender in his or her room and there he or she stays until he or she is done. I so feel for you!!!!!!!!

Kleanteeth said...

I don't do tantrums either. Never, Never, let her win and she will stop. Ignore her, be strong, and don't give in, they will stop quickly.