Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday my six year old daughter asked me to paint her nails. The almost 2 year old saw this and wanted her nails done too. I figured since we were on a roll, I would do mine too. I don't usually do my nails. Personally, I think fingernails are unattractive and I don't like bringing attention to them. Today I've been self-conscious, thinking that everyone is just staring at my nails and thinking, "wow, that's ugly."

Have you ever really thought about fingernails? Aren't they odd things? And yet, we put paint on them to bring attention to them? I don't get it and I'll probably take the pink polish off my nails soon. My daughters look adorable, though. A little pink nail polish on little girls can look so cute. I'll let them look cute. It's not working for me.

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SLC said...

I have found that to be true too. Claire looks adorable, I just look silly.