Monday, March 29, 2010

green vs. brown

We had a fun spring break. I love the area my parents live in. It's green, it's slightly hilly, there are trees and lots of cattle. I go there and I never want to leave. They have a wonderful view. When you look out their door, you see a big field with a house in the background and a large pond in the middle of the field. In the early mornings, the sky is pink and purple and a morning fog hangs over the pond and fields. It's so peaceful and pretty. The new spring grass was almost lime green it was so beautiful and new.

I never knew cows were so talkative, but they are. One day, it wasn't too hot or too cold. The weather was just right that day and those cows must have felt good because they chatted up a storm.

I come home and I'm sad. It's so brown and everywhere you look is dead scrub brush and rocks. I've warned my husband, one day I'm going to go visit my family and never return. Why leave beautiful lush green, ponds and trees for tumbleweeds and brown rocks? Well, I guess my hubby is worth it. ;)

(Don't mind me... just having some fun with color.)


Seth and Valen Baron said...

Sometimes I worry that I will feel that way when we eventually leave SC:(

Lena Baron said...

Oh Yes, I understand!! I realized this month that I REALLY miss color. I miss my moms flower gardens. So this year we're trying to plant more flowers. Wish us luck... Good luck as you try to adjust back to the desert.

SLC said...

Oh yes. It's hard for me to leave there and I don't have to go back to brown. I guess I can see the beauty of the desert, but to live there? I have to say, I'm all for the green. But I guess without the brown, maybe we wouldn't appreciate the green so much.