Monday, March 15, 2010

Boo! Got you.

There is a never ended quest between my two oldest kids, my husband and myself to try and scare each other.

Several months ago, my 2nd son was hiding out in a room from his brother. He kept opening the door and peeking out. I quietly walked up to the door, got my face right in the door, so when my son opened the door ever so slightly, I yelled "boo!" and boy did he jump. It was so funny. We all laughed pretty hard.

I guess that same son got my husband good by hiding behind his bed and jumping out at him.

You get the idea.

I was just now in my daughter's room saying good night. I gave her a kiss and backed up towards the door while blowing a kiss her way. As I turned around, there was my 2nd son, yelling "boo!" and scaring me.

He and I had a good laugh as we headed back to his room. I had just tucked him in and I thought he was in bed. Sneaky little boy.

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