Friday, March 19, 2010


The entire neighborhood probably thinks I'm terrible to my one year old. She cries every time we walk out the door. Sometimes it is just because she doesn't want to leave what she was doing. Sometimes there is no reason at all.

I've been to the library twice in two days. I had her with me both times. She cried and yelled through the trip. I was in and out of that library as fast as I could go, but I got a lot of disapproving looks.

When we go to a store, she cries because she wants to walk. She cries because she wants something and I make her put it back. She cries because she wants to go down one aisle and I want to go down another.

Well, if you see me and Peanut in the neighborhood, the store, or the library, and Peanut is crying, just know that I'm not mean to her. She is almost two years old and I'm a frazzled mom of an almost two year old.

If she would stop crying, you would see that she has a pretty smile.

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SLC said...

Sad. That has to be frustrating.