Thursday, May 26, 2011


The auditions for my play, The Seven Ravens, was this morning.  I didn't advertise it well, so I didn't have many come to audition, but I had enough to cast the entire play.  All the kids were great and I was so impressed.

I brought the kids in groups of twos.  I chatted with them and got a feel for their personalities.  Then, I handed them each a sheet of dialog between two characters.  I had them sit with me at the table and they read through the script out loud.  Because it was cold reading, their voices were rather robotic-like.  Then, I had them stand up, I gave them a little direction and had them "act" the scene out.  The difference in their voices and reading was amazing.  We went from the robot voice to sounding like two people talking.  There was inflection in their voice and it was much more conversation like.  Two of the kids did a couple of poses and actions to go along with their dialog.  I loved their initiative!

The kids ranged in age from six to ten!  Most of them were seven years old.  I was so impressed with them all.  They were all fabulous!

So, now it begins.  On Tuesday we will have our first rehearsal.  I can't wait!


Lena Baron said...

YIIPPPEE! :) So excited for you!

Linnea said...

That's exciting! I wish we lived closer because I have one that would love it!!