Friday, May 06, 2011

Details within Details

I love creative problem solving.

That's a very good thing because this play is giving me a lot to think about.  The general idea is easy: hold auditions, rehearse, perform.

Then I started to think through the many little things that need to happen.  I started thinking music, scenery, forms, locations, etc.  And within each of those details, there are more details.  I looked up information on music I could use.  Any music written before 1922 is free domain.  Great!  However, recordings of music are protected and can not be used without going through legal stuff.  That means I can choose any song pre-1922 and have a friend record it and then it is OK for use.  An interesting detail that I didn't know.

I started pricing materials for scenery.  I should probably buy stuff soon so I can see if my ideas will even work.  It it going to cost some money, so I'm going to use a little as possible and make it work in a big way.  I think paint is going to be my single most expensive thing.  Remember the Forest Hint I showed a week ago?  That is the concept art for some of the scenery.  (I know, I'm a terrible artist.)  I'll be using a green sheet for a background and trees made out of polystyrene.

I wrote up a TO DO list with everything I could think of and then as I started working on it, I realized there are more details to add that I just hadn't thought of before.

I'm having a great time!

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