Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer is almost here!

I've had several great ideas of things to blog about.  Until I sit down to write them, anyway.  Now my mind is blank.  Oh man, I hate it when this happens.

Well, the kids are down to 6.5 days of school!  I can't believe it.  This year has just flown by.  I've got a lot to do in the next week and a half.  Next Thursday are the auditions for my play!  On Friday is our annual Monkee Marathon!!!

If you aren't familiar with our family tradition, the kids and I devote one day at the beginning of the summer to watching the Monkees.  I've got all the shows on DVD.  It's a regular party here!  We only watch the Monkees in the summer time, making it a fun way to kick off each summer.

It's hot here, but it isn't as hot as it's going to get.  June is the hottest month here, but May - August are pretty hot.  Thank goodness for A/C!  I also love the whir of ceiling fans.  I've had those on for about 6 weeks now.  It is such a calming sound.  Yeah, I know, I'm weird.


Deb and Barbara said...

I'd give anything for a nice hot day! And a Monkees film fest!!!

Molly said...

Barb, you are welcome to visit southern New Mexico any time and enjoy our hot sunny days. I love the fact that it's so dry out here. No humidity!

Wish you could join us for our Monkees Marathon. Watching the Monkees every summer is something I've done since the 80's. I love sharing that tradition with the kids. I'm trying to think of some fun Monkees related snacks for our party. I'm thinking of making Peter's famous Cream of Root Beer (aka Root Beer float!)