Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

If you were to ask me to talk about someone I admire or name a hero, I would have a hard time picking just one person. I've known many wonderful people in my life time. The people who have influenced me the most and the people I admire most are the amazing women I've had the opportunity to know.

I couldn't pick any one woman, although I would have to say my own mother is right at the top. She is amazing. I can’t begin to list the many wonderful things about Mom. She is amazing.

My sister is an amazing lady. I've always wished I were more like her - beautiful, talented, resourceful, and funny!

My grandmother is 86 years old. She has more energy than most teenagers I know. Staying active keeps her young. She takes classes in literature, computers, and current events. She does volunteer work at her church. She sews. She always has a smile on her face and the most positive attitude of anyone I've ever met.

My great-grandmother, who passed away when I was a young girl, has always been an example of strength to me. She grew up in Scotland, joined the war effort during WWI in a women's corps. She married a country boy from Texas and moved there, on her own, while he fought in France. She lived in rugged conditions in rural Texas before the days of electricity and plumbing. She was strong and tough, but always in good form. Posture and good grammar were very important to her. She didn't like the way her young great-granddaughter (me) always used the word, "Yeah." In her Scottish brogue, she would tell me to say, "Yes."

I've known countless women who embody selflessness. They would do anything for you. I've known women who will just show up on your doorstep with no other purpose than to drop off a plate of cookies. I had a friend, once, who came to my home after I had some minor surgery and she walked in and announced, "I'm here to clean your bathroom!" It was lovely. It made me smile. I've known women who are amazing listeners and have let me pour out my heart and soul when I needed it most. I've known women with the most wonderful sense of humor. I love meeting women whose children are 5 years older than mine. They give me great advice on how to deal with these ages that I have not yet treaded. I'll be a mother of a teen here in a few months, so I'm always looking to moms who have teens and I watch and learn from their amazing examples.

I could go on and on and on.

Who do I most look up too? Who do I most admire? Who is my hero? The answer is: The many incredible ladies I've had the pleasure to know over the years. Cheers to you all!


Lena Baron said...

And keep up the Great Work with your play. We're anxious to hear the continued details.:)

Lena Baron said...

Amen Dear! Amen!