Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4th grade journal entries and The Challenger space shuttle

Some journal entries from the 4th grade.  The spelling has been cleaned up so it is readable, but the grammar is the same:

23 Jan 1986

Today was no fun and exciting.  The no fun part is what I made on my science and social studies test.  On my social studies I made a 75.5.  On my science I made a 68%.  The exciting part was that the fire trucks came.  They dryer caught on fire.  So,..... The fire trucks came.  The rest of the day was school and homework.  Sister got sick today.  I wish I would too.  It's bed time.
Good night.

24 Jan 1986

Sister is not sick, but Brother is.  Today we went to the film festival.  They had some very good movies.  They started very late.  2 of my favorites were about 2 sisters that fought a lot.  The other one is about Corduroy.  He is a bear (teddy bear).  He is looking for his lost button.  Sister is sleeping with Ellie.  As for me, I'm sleeping with Lara.  We are listening to Peter Pan on my record player.  Well, I think that it is time to go to bed.  Good night.  Bye.

Ellie was my Cabbage Patch doll and Lara was my sister's cabbage patch doll. And Sister and Brother are not the names of my sister and brother, their names have been changed to protect the innocent. lol

27 Jan 1986

Today was sad and exciting.  The exciting part was the Challenger went up into space.  The sad part was that it blew up.  It had 7 astronauts in it.  One was the first teacher in space.  They all died.  Mom said if she was asked to go into space she would do it.  But I can't think of loosing my mother.  It's bed time.  Good night.  Bye.

Writing prompt inspired by Mama Kat.


christina said...

so innocent, so sweet. :)

Mary Johnson said...

How sweet! I can't even fathom what my journal would say but how cool you still have yours.

Jennifer Worrell said...

I remember that day so vividly, except I was in eighth grade when it happened. So sad, but such a great take on it:)

Shell said...

How cool that you still have those journals.

I remember the space shuttle exploding, too. We had all been in the school's gym, watching it happen on a tiny tv.

Molly said...

Keeping a journal is something I've loved doing and am so glad I did. There is so much about everyday life I would have forgotten if I had not written in my journal.

Patti said...

Awesome that you kept your journal. I enjoyed reminiscing along.

2 things I remember about the Challenger Explosion:
1 - I was teaching 1st grade. We had followed Astronaut Christa's lesson plan that would be concluded from space. She had published it in a journal. (before internet days) We gathered to watch the liftoff in one room. After the explosion, one student asked me if we were going to go home. I think she was sad. But she also thought maybe the world had changed beyond normal.
2 - the other thing was walking into the school office and hearing a couple of women kidding around about the explosion. (Wishing they could put a couple more teachers into space, etc.) I was shocked.

Molly said...

Wow Patti. Thanks for sharing your memories. The teachers kidding around about the tragety is surprising. I wouldn't have expected that from teachers. I guess one reason it really touched me was my mom was a teacher too. She was the principal and teacher of a school and I was in her class that day. It was too close to home for my comfort that day.