Monday, May 28, 2012

So many stories

I've got so many stories floating about in my head, it's crazy!  I think up new stories long before I can finish writing out the old ones.  The stories come to me almost in their entirety.  Some elements have to be fleshed out, but for the most part I know the main story right from the start.

The problem is it takes much longer to write than for me to tell it in my head.  By then, a new story has begun.

Right now I've got three stories in my mind: a young adult fantasy, a chick lit story, and the middle school aged series that I started years ago.  For the series, I've got two of the stories written, but I have the next formed in my head now.

Because of the time it takes to write anything, I guess I should pick on story to work on, but it is so hard when I think up a new one and get all excited about it.

Really, I shouldn't worry about any of this because no one will ever read them, but I want to write them out anyway.  Silly, I know.

Happy Memorial Day!  My deepest gratitude for those soldiers who have fought and died so I can enjoy the freedom to write my stories, have a wonderful family, and worship God as I desire.

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