Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Dream 3-day weekend

Writing Prompt from MamaKat!
"You have a 3 day weekend to do anything you want with your family…money is not a factor, BUT you must stay in your own state. What would you do?"

Lexington, Virginia!  Now, I've never planned a vacation in VA before, so I'm not entirely sure about everything we'd do, but I've got a pretty good start.  We would stay in a log cabin home.  I found this place that rents out real log cabins from the 1800s.  The one I've picked for our family is called the Homesteader's Cabin.  I think we could probably just spend the three days there and not need to do anything else, but since we can go and do whatever we want, we'll only spend most of the time at the cabin. :)

In Lexington, they still have a drive-in theater!  I want to take the kids there.  We'd open up the back of the van, fill it with blankets and pillows, bring lawn chairs, and food for snacking. 

Going on a hike or rafting along a lazy river.  Those sound like fun.  I think it would just be a beautiful weekend in the Shenandoah Valley.  Too bad the weekend can only last for three days.

Now, this is just awesome!!  I would love to visit Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley and hear the Stalacpipe Organ.  Check out this video!!

I'm ready to go!  Whose with me?


SLC said...

You have a three-day weekend coming up - what are you going to do? You'd better start planning! We stayed in a restored log cabin when we went to Nauvoo; it was really fun.

MJ said...

I'd love to stay in a log cabin somewhere! It's definitely on my to-do list. And drive-ins are so much fun; haven't been to one since I was a teenager. I really should look into if there's one around where I live now.

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

I remember drive-in movies from when I was growing up. I'm sure your kids would love that!

Mama Kat said...

We have drive in movies here in Washington and I took our kids for the first time last summer. You're right, they're SO fun!