Tuesday, January 08, 2008

giving up a name

With three months to go before I get to bestow a name on a new little person, you can imagine my mind is well on names. Anyone who knows me, know that I think about names more than the average person, ok, MUCH more than the average person, but with the opportunity approaching to name a new person, it is on my mind most of the time.
I love names and I wish I could have a hundred kids so I could use two hundred names.

Several months ago, I read a books series. It was alright. A secondary character that I liked had the lovely name, Esme. Later, my husband and I were looking through a name book and came across Esme again. It is a Scottish name. While there are probably people in America with the lovely name, it has not really become an American name staple. I like this in a name. I like the unusual names that are rarely used. This seemed like the perfect name. It was top of our list for a while.

Then, something happened. I found out these books where I saw the name for the first time are being made into a movie. Well, that's that. I'm not naming a baby after a character in a teen movie. The lovely name, Esme, was promptly removed from our list.

So, I've moved on, looking into new names. Then something really strange happened. I was checking out my daily celebrity news on imdb.com and saw that actress Samantha Morton had a baby this week and named her Esme. I don't know who Samantha Morton is, but she is apparently a famous enough actress for imdb.com to mention her. It is a bad thing (to me) when a celebrity names their baby. If you happen to choose the same thing, people are going to think you are just doing what the stars do. I will NOT go down that path of the dark side.

So, Esme, you are definitely out of the running. I'm sorry, too. You are such a pretty name. Well, the name hunt continues....


SLC said...

Sad news about Esme, it is a beautiful name. Maybe for a middle name?? I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Janie said...

Yes I see your problem - for the record we named Ella before "Ella Enchanted" came out :)

Benteti5 said...

I think you think about names, much, much, more than average. But you could be thinking of something worse, right? I loved that book series and I likes Esme too. You like the uncommon and strange, huh? Like the name of son number 2. Guess you lost a bet on that one. Good luck on the name hunt.

Mama Spud said...

I know a little about unusual names. Feel free to name that little one after me. I'm not a celebrity yet, so you won't have to take a walk down that dark side.