Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random thoughts and happenings

Several thoughts were running through my mind today. I just can't remember most of them.

One is sick or rather I should say about being sick. My family has had a weird illness. Last Monday and Tuesday, my oldest was home from school with a fever. Nothing more than a fever. Several days later, my youngest gets the fever. On Saturday morning, my daughter gets it, that night my other son gets it and by early Sunday, my husband has it too. I just want them all to stay away from me. So, the weekend was miserable for all with fevers and me for having to deal with all the people with fevers. By Monday, my husband and one son were the only ones still with the fever. Yesterday, my husband stayed home from work still with a fever. He slept all day.

This morning, hubby goes back to work. He is complaining a great deal about how miserable he feels, but he went back anyway. Everyone else seems to be over theirs. Now, one son has a constant cough and another one a very runny nose. Will it ever end? So far I have been lucky and have caught none of this. (knock on wood)

Other happenings - each day I work a little on a cross stitch I'm doing. It is a Mirabilia and it is called Winter Queen. It is beautiful, but what I'm doing to it isn't so beautiful. I'm trying though. I hope to have it complete by the time baby arrives, but it is slow going.

I want to use some cloth diapers with this baby (we really need to save some money). Diapers are so expensive and I thought cloth would be a good way to go. I have lots of the old fashioned diapers that are rectangles that you pin. I wanted to make some that Velcro. I found a great pattern on the Internet and pulled out my fabrics. My biggest problem has been making the pattern. I'm a terrible judge on size. So, I made a nice pattern that seemed like it would be the perfect size for a newborn. After some work (less that one hour), the diaper was complete! It is tiny and oh so cute. I think it might be too tiny though. It might fit her if she were born right now, two months early. My daughter's baby doll is wearing it and it fits perfectly. So cute, way to small!

Still, it was a good trial run and if I make the next ones bigger, it should work and I should be able to sew it together faster.

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SLC said...

Nice job on the diaper - looks very professional. You'd be surprised, it just might fit your newborn.