Thursday, January 10, 2008


Two year olds have an amazing year. When they have their second birthday, they are still babish in so many ways. Many don't have big vocabularies yet. They are just starting to talk with "real" words. By the time they turn three, they are full talkers, often talking their parents to death. There is much to learn during that year. Many new words to learn how to say and how to use.

My two year old has surprised me with a few. Here are some of the new words that have entered his expanding vocabulary.

Batteries - So many toys these days require batteries. My two year old would bring me a toy and fuss and whine at it that it doesn't work. I tell him it needs new batteries. Now, when a toy doesn't work that should be making noise, he starts repeating "batteries".

Booger - This one really surpised me. He said it for the first time a few days ago. He has had a cold for a few weeks. His nose is constantly running the lovely ooze that comes with a cold. Whenever he needs a wipe down I just say, let's wipe off that icky stuff. I've never used booger in front of him. Somehow he picked it up (no pun intended) and he uses it the correct way. He sticks his finger up his nose and says "booger". I laugh and agree.

Then last night he told me a new part of his body - eyeball. He and I talk about his body and I'll say, where is your knee? and he points to his knee. We plau this game with most of his body and face and I've always just used the word, eye. Last night he is sitting in my lap and he pokes his finger into his eye and says "eyeball". He was right, it was his eyeball that he was smashing with his finger.

Isn't the two year old amazing? He still can't tell me with words that he wants help with something, or he wants to be held. He just usually points and whines. He can, however, now tell me that he has a booger.


Benteti5 said...

He has priorities, ya know. Booger is just higher up on the list.

SLC said...

Um...I'm thinking the older brothers had something to do with this.