Monday, January 14, 2008

The Sopranos

My home has been invaded by the sopranos. Not the Sopranos mob from the TV show. A different mob of sopranos have found their way into my home - singing Barbies. My sister-in-law gave my four year old daughter a Barbie movie for Christmas. Now, each day we hear Princess Barbie and Pauper Barbie sing duets together in their matching soprano voices.

It's not so bad. I mean, it is not as bad as I thought it would be and my daughter loves to sing along. I love to hear her sing. There is one song that the Barbies sing together that I have a little problem with. There is one note in that song that really grates on my nerves. One harmonizing note that sounds very harsh to my ears. Unfortunately they sing that harmonized note many times during the song and hold the note out for several beats.

Other than that one hideous harmony note, I don't mind to much about having the sopranos invading my house. The brothers don't seem to mind it either. They claim it another pink princess movie to be avoided, but they seem to watch it whenever it is on. It is a cute movie with a fun, if very predicable plot. The bad guys are out to ruin the perfect pink kingdom, but in the end the pink princess and the well dressed pauper in purple save the day and the kingdom.

Sing on sopranos!

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SLC said...

That is so funny! Claire got the same movie from the same cousin. She loves to watch it (and so does William - he calls it the Princess movie) and sing along to that same song "I'm just like you, (I am?) you're just like me. We hate? responsibility...'cause I am a girl like you!" I too have noticed the identical voices singing this song, etc. Funny!