Thursday, January 03, 2008

New blog, new year, same old trouble

Now that Christmas is over, I want to update my blog template. I've decided I want to do this myself. Can I tell you what a heck of a time I'm having with it? I'm brand new to html, photoshop and web design. My attempts have been tacky and silly. In photoshop, I've created a nice "Random Thoughts" title but I just can't make it fit right into my header. In the end, it still may be very tacky still, but it will be of my own creation. It is turning out to be very purple. I'm not good at picking out colors. I never was. Want proof? Come see my house.

So, I hope to have a new look for the new year, but it may take more time. Until then, you will continue to see "Merry Christmas!"

Over the years I've made an amazing observation with toddlers. If you give a 2 year old an oatmeal raisin cookie, they can eat the entire cookie minus the raisins. These they store in the cheeks until the rest of the cookie is swallowed then they spit out the unwanted fruit. My two year old did something like this with a mini-Snickers bar. He stuck the entire candy into his mouth, chewed it, swallowed it and then spit out the nuts into my hand. It is incredible! What amazing things two year olds are!

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SLC said...

William does the same with with raisins. Do you remember how mom loved them and tried to put them in everything? Honestly, what kids likes baked goods with raisins??