Friday, January 18, 2008

new pet

My toddler has moved out and a kitty that looks like the toddler has moved in. He spends much of his time (when he isn't crying) pretending that he is a kitten. He crawls around the house, meowing and he climbs into my lap for a snuggle once in a while. I pet and stroke the kitty and call it "sweet kitty" and such. Sometimes it is not a kitty. Sometimes it is a puppy or a piggy. Mostly, though, it is a kitty that hangs out around me these days.

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SLC said...

Yes, the kitty phase. Claire went through it and it got to be annoying sometimes - at those times we would remind her of what we do to annoying or naughty cats - we kick them and throw them outside. Maybe not the best parenting, but it got results.