Saturday, June 19, 2010

House dreams

I dream about houses a lot.  Last night I had another house dream.  I love those dreams!

Last night's house was large, but I didn't realize how large until I got inside.  There were two kitchens each one had two stoves.  Think of the meals that could be cooked.

The house was a maze of large rooms, small cozy spaces, and closets all over the place.  There was even a long hall on the second floor was could be used as a gallery for art work.  I found a perfect room for my looms and instead of a closet for food storage there were large rooms that could be chosen from.  There were enough bedrooms and large rooms that I could have about 20 kids in the house without crowding.

The back yard was large, had various levels and terraces, a walking path through a nicely landscaped area, and plenty of grass for the kids to run through. 

It was a great house!

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