Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How did Colorado know?

Colorado knew I was coming. I've spent 20 years longing to return to Colorado and see the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It hurt me to know that I probably would not see it again because the state had no appeal to my husband and so we would never vacation there.

Well, through a long set of circumstances, we drove Colorado this weekend from the north state line to the south state line. I could hardly stand the thought of driving through the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Colorado knew I was coming. For the entire trip through the state, it was cloudy. Low, dark storm clouds covered the entire state. I never saw a single mountain. Not a one. Can I tell you how upset I was? I cried. I cried driving from Denver to Raton, NM.

I spent 20 years dreaming of returning to my favorite state and never saw the one thing I wanted to see - the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado knew I was coming. It knew that if I saw Pikes Peak I would never return home to the desert. I guess it is just as well, but I sure am upset about it.

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Lena Baron said...

I am so sorry! That really is sad!