Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tonsils Out

Yesterday, two of my kiddos got their tonsils out.  What a day!

My son has had the hardest time with recovering.  He is just in a lot more pain or seems to be.  I joked with Hubby that it's because he's a guy and just can't handle the pain as well as our daughter.  :)

My son has basically stopped speaking.  He is afraid it will hurt, and maybe it does, but he won't even try to speak.  He does hand signals and a lot of pointing.

Poor kids, it wasn't easy and the next few days will still be sore, but it's worth it for them.  They won't gasp for breath at night, they will be able to swallow foods better and the doctor told me they will have more energy because they will be getting good night sleeps.  I also hope this helps with the colds they seem to have constantly.  My daughter was sick with a cold from September to May. 

I'm so glad it's over with.


Kleanteeth said...

Colds September to May? I thought my son had a cold for like 6 months once, turned out he had allergies. Maybe that's what they have. Few days on allergy meds and he cleared up, what do you know?

ML said...

At first I thought it was just starting school for the first time and I expected a cold to come on pretty quickly, but she was sick by the second day of school. It cleared up during Christmas and spring break, but as soon as she was back to school, she was sick with colds again. Maybe it was allergies, but anytime I mentioned it to a doc, they would just tell me it's the time of year for colds. I hate when doctors don't listen or help.

My son did try some allergy meds for a while and it helped a little, but not enough for me to think that he was just having major allergy problems.

I'm really hoping their lack of tonsils takes care of some of those issues.

Lena Baron said...

My good friend was constantly sick with sinus issues until she got her tonsils out. I hope it helps the kids. We were wondering how they're doing. Thanks for the update. I hope they get feeling better! PS I believe in the "boys don't tolerate pain like girls" idea!!!!;)