Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Heritage

Kiss me, my 6th great-grandparents on my mother’s side were Irish.

I am English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, German, Swiss, Cajun and Texan!. My kids can boast all of those ancestral countries as well as Norwegian from their father's side. We pretty much cover most of Western Europe, with the exception of the Iberian peninsula. Perhaps if I could track down more ancestors, I would find family there as well.

And yes, Cajun and Texan are listed separately from the rest of the USA. My Cajun ancestors began in France, were exiled into Canada and several generations later moved south to settle in Louisiana. My great- great grandmother spoke only French (Cajun Creole French, anyway).  Texas is, well, Texas.  A place all it's own.  And I'm a born and bred Texan.

So, what does all of that make me? American!


SLC said...

I didn't realize we had Irish. I still claim to be Texas, even though I haven't lived there in almost 14 years!

ML said...

Do you remember seeing a Martha Stewart in the family line on mom's side? Her grandparents were born in Ireland.

I'll always be Texan. Ya'll can take the gal out of Texas, but ya'll can't take Texas out of the gal.