Monday, March 21, 2011

The Platter

For many years, I did not have a platter for serving food on. It didn’t matter too much. A dinner plate worked just fine. Then, several years ago, after my youngest started eating solid foods, I realized that I just needed a bit bigger of a plate for serving food. I began to search for a platter.

I went to a local church yard sale about 2 years ago and found a lovely glass platter for $3. Can’t beat that, right? I bought it. I was so happy to have a platter.

Tonight, as I was preparing to serve dinner, I realized that I needed my platter. I’m always slightly giddy to use the platter and to show how giddy I became, I will confess that I have a little platter dance and song. So, I was dancing about in the kitchen and chanting, “I get to use my platter, I get to use my platter.” I placed the food on the platter and went to call Hubby and the kids to dinner.

When I got back to the kitchen, I picked up the platter of food. It had CRACKED while I was calling the family to dinner! My poor, poor $3 platter. Thankfully, I have another platter. I had, about a year ago, found another great deal on a platter that I couldn’t pass up. I had two, but now I have one.

I guess it is time to keep my eye out for another platter. I might need a back-up again someday.

End note: When you start to say the word “platter” as many times as I have while writing this, “platter” becomes a pretty funny sounding word. Platter, platter, platter, platter……(giggle)

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SLC said...

Sorry to hear about your platter - good thing you didn't spend a lot of money on it. I too have needed the occasional platter, but mostly for holiday dinners. I'm surprised you made it that long without one! Or you could do what us backwoods folks do, serve up your fish sticks in the pan it was cooked on right on your ol' kitchen table. Dig in ya'll!