Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing isn't nice

According to my two year old, who will be three in one week, sharing isn't very nice.

At church, she is in the nursery.  It seems every single week, she has an issue with sharing the toys.  The Nursery Leader told me that she will have six or seven toys with her where she is playing.  Even if she isn't playing with a specific toy, if one of the other kids takes it, she lets out a scream.  Every week the Leader has to remind her that she needs to share.

Yesterday, the Nursery Leader and I were visiting.  She told me how she has this problem with Peanut each week.  It seems that Peanut wasn't playing with a toy and another little girl took it.  The Leader reminded Peanut, again, that she needs to share and Peanut said no.  Later, the little girl brought the toy back and handed it nicely to Peanut.  The Leader said to Peanut, "There, isn't it nice to share?"

Peanut replied, "It is for her."

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