Sunday, March 20, 2011


Sometimes when we are in a rut, it only takes one little thing to inspire us.  Last night, while surfin' the Net, I found a blog.  I haven't done much blog reading lately or much writing, but I read this blogs posts back to December, and it is updated frequently.  It was a fun read.

What I liked most about this particular blog is the way they (2 women) write.  It is very similar to my own writing style. Of course, they are 100 times better than I am because they are professional writers and professional comediennes and I'm not, but their style of storytelling, I feel, is like mine.  This is hard for me to put into words, oddly enough.  Feelings can be so difficult to explain.  Sometimes something clicks and you can't really explain why.

As I laid down to go to bed, my mind was racing.  I was creating fun blog entries.  I think before going to bed, I composed three new blog entries in my mind.  So, this is your official warning:  Blog entries to come!


SLC said...

Well I look forward to them! Glad you found some inspiration, but can I be the wind beneath your wings?:)

ML said...

You are always the wind beneath my wings. Too bad I can't think of any other cheesy song lyrics right now to add to that.