Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woe is me and my SUV

Back in December, our SUV's brakes went out.  A very good mechanic jerry-rigged the brakes and advised us to get rid of the SUV ASAP.  Here we are, almost five months later and we still have the SUV.  I don't drive it unless absolutely necessary and I never drive more than a mile from home.  We've dealt with a being a one car family before and we've done pretty well this time.  However, we are just too big a family to continue like this any longer.  We've had to rely on the help of friends and while we are grateful for the friends who help us, we don't like having to use our friends so constantly.

The last two days have been rather insane as we've tried to fit seven schedules into one car.  We are searching for a new vehicle, but so far have had no luck.  Gosh I hate these kinds of things.  There is just no good solution to the problem.  At least not without taking on quite a bit more debt.

I could ramble on and on about the problems this lack of a vehicle is causing me.  I can only use the car when Hubby doesn't need it and so that means I can't always use it when I need it the most.

So, we've been a bit down in the dumps about the car situation.  Hubby has some drama going on at work.  It makes him upset and so I am sad for him.  Because of the insane schedules the last two days, we have not had time to watch our favorite TV show and so I've been missing out on my hearty laughs.  I miss them! I need them!  There won't be time for TV tonight either and I'm not allowed to watch any without the rest of the family.  I guess I could watch the ones we've already seen, but I can't skip ahead. 

On top of it all, the house is a mess, again!  I clean and an hour later, it's a mess.  I guess today, I just need to put on some golden oldies music, sing along, dance along and clean the house.


Linnea said...

I hate car trouble--I'll be praying you can find a solution! My house is messy too--we had to move stuff in order to post pictures of the projects :) Maybe today I'll think of you cleaning yours and not procrastinate cleaning my own!

SLC said...

I know this comment is out of date because you now have your van. But I'm amazed you were able to make it so long without a car - you are one patient lady.