Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doctor Who?

Until September, I didn't know anything about Doctor Who except it was an old British TV show.  I didn't know it was modern and popular until my oldest son was introduced to it by his science teacher.  Now the son loves Doctor Who.  He is quite determined that he should be the next Doctor.  Never mind it is a British TV show and he, who is quite American, has no chance at ever becoming Doctor Who.

The newest Doctor is the youngest actor to take on this role. This actor's version apparently likes to wear a bow tie and has been known to wear a fez.  My son thinks this is quite awesome.  For Christmas I got him a bow tie and a fez.  He wears the bow tie to church and the fez around the house.  I have no doubt that if he could find a place to wear his fez in public, he would.  I think his Halloween costume for this coming year is complete and ready.

Matt Smith and one of his famous poses.

My son's version of the Doctor Who pose.
The green thing in the Doctor's hand is called a sonic screwdriver.  My son has one.  There are several other great pictures of the Doctor and my son has done his best to recreate them, but since I don't like to show pictures of my kids online, I won't be sharing those, but let me say, they are quite good.

I have seen very few episodes of the show.  My son really wants me to watch them.  I will some time, or at least see a few more so I'm more familiar with his favorite show.

A few short months ago, I didn't know who Doctor Who was. This is no longer the case.

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