Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Licence Plates

My clever son updated his blog Stonehelm the Wise.  Also, if you didn't see it, check out my blog entry just before this one about my son.  I think the pictures of him and Doctor Who are pretty cool. :)

Moving to a new state involves many tedious things, like changing your address with everyone and every company you've ever known.  It also involves getting new licences plates for vehicles and new drivers licences.  That involves a trip to the DMV and we all just love going to the DMV, right?  The long lines, the unfriendly workers, and the fact that everyone there is mad about having to be there.  I imagine it is the way one might feel about jail, except in jail they feed you.

In our new state, getting a personalized licence plate cost the same as getting just a standard issued one with it's random numbers and letters.  So I've been thinking, what do I want on my new plate.  I've never done a personalized plate, now might be a fun time to do it.

This is one idea I've come up with:


Do you get it? (moved 2 much)

I'm not clever at coming up with other license plate ideas.  I'm looking for suggestions for the van.  I don't want any thing cheesy dealing with mom wagon or family van, five kids, or insane parent.  I think it is pretty obvious that an insane mom is driving a van of kids around.  I don't need to put it in words on the van.  I would love to paint the van like the Partridge Family Bus, though.  That would be awesome.
Come on get HAPPY!

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SLC said...

No idea on the plates. Il is the same way - vanity plates cost the same as regular ones. So needless to say, every other plate here is a vanity plate. Most are initials. But every once in a while I see plates involving Jesus, being fast or cool, or initials with a year. I'll have to write some down that I see. I've seen some doozies.