Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My cozy corner

While unpacking a house, you get to know the house quite intimately.  You find it's quirks because you are trying to figure out where personal belongings fit into the home.  It's easy to find the faults and problems with the house while unpacking.  However, once the unpacking is done and you can just enjoy living in the house, those little quirks aren't such a big deal anymore.

So it is with this house.  One thing I LOVE about this house is my loom room.  I have a little room of my very own.  It has my loom, my rocking chair, a little bookshelf, and my Eiffel Tower lamp.  It's a nice place to sit and relax and read. (Not that I have a lot of time to just sit and relax....)

Here is my loom room:
I know, terrible lighting in the picture, but I've never claimed to be a great photographer.  Anyway, you can see my cozy corner with my lamp a-blazing.

In the other corner of the room are my looms.  The big triangle wrapped in towels and blankets is my tri-loom.  It has about a million nails on the front of it (that's how you weave on it).  I didn't trust the movers to take good care of it, so I wrapped it myself.  I'll hand it on the wall soon.  The white decorations are decals.  I never would have put them there myself.  I'm not a huge fan of the dark purple/maroon color, but it's not bad either.  It's my room and I don't care what color it is.

There is also a closet on the wall opposite of the loom.  In the closet I've got a couple of t-shirts hanging, but also my warping board, inkle loom, sewing machine, and several drawers filled with yarn for the looms.

I love my little corner of the house.

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SLC said...

That is so fun to have a room of your own. I can only dream. The red color is quite dark; kind of odd. Post more pics as you keep unpacking. It's fun to see where you live!