Thursday, January 05, 2012


For someone who hates making phone calls and talking on the phone, I'm sure missing having a phone available to me. I think that I could live without a phone again in a few weeks, but having a phone is kind of critical right after moving.  There is just a lot of phone calls that need to be made, whether I want to or not.

The cell phones don't work out here.  To get even service - not just a signal, but service - I have to drive about four miles away.  At that point, there is no where to pull off the road and make a call.  You have to go another mile down the hill for that.

So, two days ago, while sitting in the parking lot of my kid's elementary school, I made about 8 phone calls.  One of them was to the local phone company.  I told them I need a phone.  Certainly, they would be happy to obliged.  The appointment was made for two days later.  Then they asked me, "Is there a number I can reach you?"

Um, I need a phone and that's why I'm calling you.

I told them I had a cell phone, but we don't have service where we live.  They took the cell phone number.

Apparently, they called the cell phone yesterday to confirm today's appointment.  We didn't get the message until that evening when my husband went to take the boys to Scouts.

What happens if they call today, to make sure I'm at home before sending their technician out and I don't answer because I don't have a working phone at home?

I can't get phone calls at the house, that's why I'm asking for phone service! By the end of the day I may or may not have a phone.

I'm amused by the irony, but completely frustrated by it.

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Linnea said...

Ugh. Just reading your posts reminds me of some of the little moving details I love forgetting. For a few years I've been telling my hubby I'm ready to move but I think I'll wait until we NEED to move.