Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little tea party

My youngest, who is three, got a little colorful porcelain tea set for Christmas.  She has loved it.  Since Christmas, we have had many tea parties together.  We had another this morning.  I warmed some water for her tea pot.  I cut a pop tart into little bite sized biscuits and we had a lovely little party.  We sipped our water, ate our biscuits, and laughed as we wiped up spills every time we used the tea pot.  Good thing neither of us serve real tea parties, we would be disastrous hostesses spilling the tea while we poured.

It was a fun, sweet time with my youngest child.  I was holding her early this morning.  She fell back asleep while I held her and I looked at her pretty face and smiled.  Love those little moments.

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SLC said...

So sweet. I'm glad she's enjoying it - we love our tea parties too.