Friday, March 09, 2012

Culture Mash

I recently saw a resturant called "Carlos O'Kelly Mexican Cafe."

Now, to me, that seems like a crazy mix of cultures.  Carlos and Mexican work together.  I would guess O'Kelly is Irish and Cafe is French.

Perhaps a main dish would be Enchiladas with Bouillabaisse and Cabbage?

Corned Beef, Spanish Rice, and Blue Cheese

Foie Gras, Soda Bread and Sopapilla

Potato cakes, Tamales and Pain au chocolat

I just don't think that Mexican/Irish/French mix is really working out.  I think I'll just go to a good ol American burger joint.  French fries anyone?

PS - this is my 601 post. (little jig)


Lena Baron said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed catching up on your blog today. I love your "random thoughts" even if you can't think of what they were;) Hope you're enjoying your new house and all that comes with being in a new place. Although, I guess you've been there for a while now. Is it still considered new? Either way, just wanted you to know I was thinking about you! Take Care!

Molly said...

Thanks Lena. We've finally got pretty much everything where we want it in the house. It is starting to feel home-like here. I'm getting to know the shopping centers although I have traveled much beyone our immediate neighborhood. I really don't know anyone yet though. Thinking of you guys too!

SLC said...

We have a Mexican Chuck Wagon down the street - never been - sounds gross.