Monday, March 05, 2012

That's a lot of books!

We have a lot of books.  A lot.

When we moved into the house, we brought with us 7 large bookshelves and 2 small ones.  We unpacked what books we could and left the rest in boxes.  We didn't like have all the boxes of books sitting in the family room, but there was no where else to put them.  We decided we would just buy more bookshelves and get all the books out of boxes.  In the last month we bought 5 more large bookshelves.  They are completely full now, but our boxes are empty.  There is one in the living room, three in the family room, one in each of the three kids bedrooms, two in my loom room and four in the master bedroom.  Yep, our rooms are lined with shelves of books.  It's a little crazy and out of control, but we love our books!

In our dream home, we will have a library, the way they do in the old fancy homes. Like in Clue! I think  Professor Plum used the Abridged Oxford Dictionary in the Library. 

I don't often by books and when I do, I prefer not to pay full price.  I love 50 cent books from used bookstores.  Over the last year, I've started collecting some of my favorite young adult and children's literature.  I'll have to post a picture of my young adult collection one day.  I  have a bunch of name books!  I also have more parenting books than I care to admit to.  Too bad they haven't helped me that much.

Yes, one day... someday in the future, we will have our library.  Then we can reclaim the rest of the house as living areas.  Until then, thank goodness for bookshelves!


Linnea said...

We have a small room/area we call a library but it is too full. Every year I have to go through it and reorganize and get rid of books. So sad! As the kids get older I find myself less attached to younger books but there are some that are classics--I think we will need to have more bookshelves like you!!

SLC said...

That's insane. Oh, and maybe try the library - you know, the place with all the books you don't have to pay for, move and store? But I know what you mean, I love books too. What are you reading now?

Molly said...

I do go to the library. Believe me, if we only bought books instead of borrowing some from the library, we would have a collection to rival most public libraries. I'm not really reading much of anything right now. I'm just doing school work. Earlier this month, though, I read Agatha Christie's "And Then There Was None." Good book.

Becki said...

Ah, I love those old libraries with ladders and staircases and high walls.

We have a library room, too, but it hasn't got that ambience.
At least the books are arranged alphabetically.

Molly said...

You're good Becki. Mine are arranged by subject, but not alphabetical.