Friday, March 23, 2012

local entertainment

This week my hair has been frizzy!  What is going on?  Oh yes, I've moved back into the world of humidity. 

If I could create my perfect world, there would be green trees, grass, flowers, tall mountains and thunderstorms.  All the while maintaining the dry arid air of the desert.  My skin, hair, and senses would be so happy.

This area that I live in is very wooded.  The trees are starting to produce white flowers and green leaves!!!!  There is a lot of wildlife for being the middle of a large city.  There are deer, squirrels, and birds galore: cardinals, blue jays, wood peckers, robins and turkey vultures. (Turkey vultures are huge!)

I've also seen foxes, chipmunks,  possums and even a wood chuck!  I had never seen a wood chuck before.  At first I thought it was a beaver, but that didn't make sense for the area I saw it in.  So maybe it was a groundhog.  Then, my husband saw it and identified it as a wood chuck.  Very cool!

Road kill is plenty here.  The only way I know possums live in the area is that I've seen them as road kill (a lot.)  In one spot a couple of weeks ago, which we drive past everyday, a deer got hit and was dead along the side of the road.  It never got moved.  I don't know who moves dead animals off the road, but this poor creature was left.  It is still there, at least, what is left of it.  It has been interesting (in a gross morbid way) to watch it decompose. 

Thank goodness there are beautiful flowers and trees to watch bloom.  The world is becoming green again.  Flowers and roadkill.  Local entertainment at its best.

Pictures to come (of flowers, not roadkill) if I can get my camera to cooperate.

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SLC said...

Where we grew up, I only remember seeing squirrels and the occasional possum. It is fun to see all of the wildlife. I saw a wild turkey the other day - down the street, not at the zoo!