Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I've been busy....

I've been quite busy lately.  It's good to keep busy, but I don't feel like I accomplish much despite my business.

Mostly, I've been doing school work.  I've got a paper due on Monday.  I've spent a lot of time on it during the last two weeks.  Unfortunately, I was checking on my school site and reading the forums that go along with the papers.  Just in the last few days, the professor updated the requirements for the paper.  I had do re-write about half of it!  AHH!  I've asked Hubby to edit it for funky grammar, incomplete ideas and such.  Once he is done with that, I'll be able to pull the rest of the paper together.  I want to turn it in by Saturday.  I need this off my mind.  Also, I've been neglecting the other class completely for two weeks while I try and work on this paper.

Other busy things include the usual, cooking, cleaning, and mounds of laundry.  Why do they want dinner every night???  There is also helping kids with homework, baths, taking kids shopping for clothes and shoes.  Why do they keep growing???  And grocery shopping....  I need to set up some dental appointments for various members of the family, plant the herb garden I've set up.  Oo!  Wait until I show you pictures of what I've done.  It's going to be cool!

NOT my desk, thank goodness, but it is what
I feel like right now.
I've quit writing, quit weaving and the 20 projects I wish to work on are sitting and collecting dust.  The great part about this school program is there is no summer classes and school won't begin again until late September.  I'll have four good months with no school pressure and I'll be able to tackle all those projects.

Today, I took a school work break to work on the house.  I've pretty much ignored the cleaning of the house the last few weeks too.  I mean, I clean everyday, sweep, do dishes, and attempt to get the toys out of the living room.  The kids aren't helping me.  So, today I moved all the furniture, swept good, mopped good, cleaned all the junk that has been collecting on the tiny amount of counter space I have and the two front rooms are starting to look much better.  Now, I just need the kids to help me keep it that way.......

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