Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Radio DJ

When I was a kid, we spent a lot of time in the family van.  Mom had a favorite radio station and we all were big fans of the morning program.  Ron and Suzy discussed traffic, weather, celebrity news, local news, and played all the popular songs like Uptown Girl.

I had a tape player.  This is obviously pre-CDs.  I also had a record player.  I loved tape recording myself on my tape player.  I would chat or sing or make up stories.  I started doing radio programs just like the morning shows.  Along with news and weather, I could do interviews.  I would ask the questions and in a deeper voice, answer the questions.  Thanks to the record player in my room, I could even have music on my radio program.  I did my own commercials.  It was so much fun.

My brother did his own radio program on my tapes and his were the best. Once he did a radio program on our Dad's little hand held tape player.  The best part of this was that it could be played at double speed.  I loved listening to my brother talking at double speed. It was double funny.

Part of me wishes that I had a tape recorder and I could do my own radio shows again.  The question is now, would I have the imagination to do it?  Could I chat about this, that or whatever without feeling silly?  Or would I just sound like some boring old adult?

My Mom, sister and I have talked over the years.  We think we could create a really great show.  Cooking, cleaning, child rearing, decorating, and personal opinion pieces.  Yes, we could do it all and it would be pretty dang funny.

Y'all just wait.  Move over Oprah, the T-Ladies are in the house!


Haddock said...

When is the opening date?
My Radio is all set to catch up :-)

SLC said...

Didn't you interview Jaba the Hut in one of your interviews?

stoups said...

We did spend a lot of time in the tan van. Do you remember the Tupperware??? Ahhhh good times.
Anyways, about your radio shows...those were always fun. Now the girls and I make web shows similar to icarley.

Molly said...

I don't remember the Tupperware! What was that? An interview with Jabba would be so funny.

So, Jabba, how have you been?

Chuuba mo wakki hooha.

Really? That's good to hear. Who do you think is going to win Dancing with the Stars?

Ool buusah wonky vnock mo ho. Itsah bantha poodoo.

I agree. This season stinks.