Friday, March 02, 2012

Lots of thoughts, nowhere to go

My brain is absolutely filled with thoughts, but nothing really worth blogging about.
School - gardens - kids - school - cleaning - laundry - family - no sugar - future ideas - more school

I'm still doing well with the sugar thing.  Yesterday our dinner guests cancelled.  I had already made the dessert, so we had it after dinner, even without the guests.  I made cake balls!!  I'm afraid I went a little overboard. They were so yummy.  It's no problem though, I'm back on track of no sugar today.  I'm thinking I'll have one day for a sugary treat each week.  Something to look forward to.

Spring is on it's way.  Each day of weather here is different from the day before.  Two days ago it was raining and cold.  Yesterday was in the high sixties and I had the back door open all day to let in the fresh air.  Today is sunny (so far) and should get to the low sixties, but it could rain this afternoon or evening. 

I love the rain!!!  I'm so excited for spring.  My natural-green deprived eyes might go into a state of shock when the forest we live in starts to bloom new spring green leaves.

My current computer wallpaper.  I'm trying to train my eyes to see green again.  LOL!
My first paper for school is due in 18 days!  Help me.  I don't know what to do.  I don't understand the assignment at all.  I'm thinking I need to work on that today.  It's hard to concentrate when my three year old daughter is on the computer next to me playing NickJr games and videos.  I'm going to have to plug in the headphones for her.  I can't take Dora and The Fresh Beat Band all morning.


SLC said...

The green is coming! Well, here, maybe not there. I can't believe you got snow!! You're getting a bit of everything there.

Molly said...

I noticed while driving the other day that a Willow tree that I pass each day had little tiny light green buds on it! The daffodils are in full bloom now. Of course, it snowed again yesterday, but it was completly gone before mid afternoon. Who knows when spring will officially hit here, but it can't be long now.