Friday, May 09, 2008


I've started using cloth diapers on Peanut. I'm not very good about remembering to change her as often as I should, which means I end up changing her outfits as well as her diapers when it starts to leak. Still, I've been happy using the cloth. While searching the Internet for the plastic pants that go over the cloth, I found a neat little invention that is called Snappi. It takes away the use of pins in the cloth diapers. I ordered one, to test it out. It arrived a week ago and I'm loving it. It is such a handy little device.
See the little pink Snappi?

I still use regular diapers at nights and for church.

Gosh, I've had so many ideas lately and I can't remember them by the time I finally get to sit down and write. Today has been a tough day. It is one of those days when I'm ready to throw in the diapers and say "I'm done!" Really, the day has been a normal day with a few of the normal kid "crisis" thrown in. It is just I'm in a not so happy mood today and I'm not coping well with the normal stuff, much less the crisis going on.

Why does a day like this have to happen so close to Mother's Day? On a day that I should feel happy for the choices I've made to be a mother and a stay-at-home mother at that, I am instead feeling very inadequate and like a failure. Like I said, I'm just having a cloudy kind of day. I would love to go sit in my room, alone, for about an hour (or two). No kids, no one allowed to bang at the door, and I want to write. I just want a little bit of peace to rejuvenate and feel creative.

Well, Peanut has woken up, thanks to Princess. Right now, Princess yells everything she says, often waking Peanut and often making my ears ache with her volume. OK, time for Peanut.


Janie said...

yeah I had my ups and down with cloth with Maiya - I went to the all in one Kushies - Kyle was more agreeable to use them and they leaked a lot less - but they are on the expensive end. I did begin to wonder at some stages because of the leaks and thus more and more laundry if I was saving any money or not. But I am going to give it a try again with Cora - I found a dozen baby bee hinds at a consignment - so now I am up to like 20 diapers (infant size)

Benteti5 said...

Just one work for that, yick. Baby bee hind if a cute name, though, but not cute enough. I'd think you'd want to be as far away as bodily waste as possible.
We all have those days where everything drives you crazy. One day, one day, peace comes. With my kids in school all day it's almost too much peace for me handle.

ML said...

I would love to use those all in one kind of cloth diapers, but the initial expess is too great when I already have the flat diapers. Good for you, though, finding the ones at the consignment place. It is so great when we find good deals.

Luckily for me, Friday got better and I enjoyed our party. the weekend was much better and I'm ready to start this week refreshed. I would love a little peace, but really, I think only a couple of hours would be all I needed. Then I would miss the kids and want the peace to end.