Thursday, May 29, 2008

CrockPot experiment

After seeing the blog about the one year of using the crock pot, I got inspired. Maybe I should try something new. My great idea? Bread! Whole wheat bread, at that.

First, I looked at the recipe and dumped all the stuff into the crock pot. Then I continued reading the recipe and realized I was suppose to do the mixing in a bowl and put the dough into a bread pan and put the bread pan in the crock pot. Huh? OK, so I emptied the crock pot into a bowl, finished mixing it, cleaned out the crock pot, greased a bread pan, put the dough into the pan and carefully placed the pan inside the crock pot. I was amused and curious.

Here is the bread in the crock pot.

Two and a half hours later, my timer went off and I opened the crock pot. I was amused and horrified at what I saw.

It didn't bake all the way through, as you can easily see from the sink hole that formed in the bread. I'll stick it in a normal oven and see if I can't get it to bake the rest of the way. The bread overflowed into the crock pot and now I've got to clean it again.

Oh well, it was worth a try. Am I discouraged from using the crock pot in unusual ways? Not at all. Next time I try a new crock pot recipe, it will be apple honey oatmeal for breakfast. The problem I'm seeing though, is it is suppose to cook for five hours. That means to have breakfast by 7 a.m., the crock pot needs to be started at 2 in the morning. Maybe 10 hours on low is the same as 5 on high? I'll let you know when I make the oatmeal. Until then, we'll eat our um... bread.

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