Thursday, May 08, 2008


My sweet baby is now 5 weeks old. She has left behind the newborn and turned into a baby. She smiled today, a lot. She has been giving us random smiles off and on for a few weeks. Today, though, she smiled at daddy when he talked to her. She smiled at me when I came into view. She smiled at the angles that seem to live over my shoulder and right behind me. Peanut if often looking very intently just over my shoulder and talking. I'm guessing she is still seeing her gaurdian angles. I love her sweet smiles and I can't wait to see more of them.

Well, I was ready to do a month of limited grocery spending. I had most of the foods necessary to make it through the entire month without buying much more and it would cost us around $250. Well, hubby decided on Saturday last that we were going to have our first BBQ party of the year. He invited 3 or 4 families from church. Then, last night he went shopping. He had my short list of things we needed. Instead he came home with 20 bags and I'm sure the budget I had planned for the month was probably more than doubled. Well, it should be a great BBQ and pot luck!

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